Blanchard Springs Caverns

Each of Blanchard Springs Caverns tours features delicate soda straws, massive flow-stones and immense columns. All tours are led by Forest Service Interpreters and visitors will experience a cool 58 degrees throughout the caverns.

  1. Dripstone Trail: The easiest of the tours. This upper level tour is a half-mile of walking onblanchard springs caverns paved trails through two enormous decorated rooms and one small room but beautiful room. The dripstone tour offers steep inclines but no stairs and can be navigated by individuals using mobility aids. This trail is open year-round.
  2. Discovery Trail: The Discovery Trail is a more strenuous tour with nearly 700 stairs and 1.5 miles of paved trail. This trail features cavern’s history, tracing early explorer’s paths. The natural entrance and stream are visible on this tour. The last section of the tour involves three huge beautifully decorated rooms. Because bats use this section for hibernation, The Discovery Trail is open only from Memorial Day through Labor Day.
  3. Wild Cave Tour: The Wild Cave Tour is the most strenuous of the tours. This is a rugged tripwild cave tour through an undeveloped section of the cave and is available by reservation only. The tour includes the Titans, a large group of colorful columns. Participants must be ready, willing and able to climb, crawl, and slide over rocks and red clay. All equipment is provided and participants need to wear sturdy boots with aggressive tread and ankle support. This tour is available year-round.

Cavern tours begin at the visitor center where you can view “The Amazing World Below” film. The exhibit hall at the center focuses on water’s role above and below ground in forming the caverns. Learn about cave creatures, the Caverns’ early explorations, and area history. Tour times and reservations are available at or 877-444-6777

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