Bed & Breakfast Vs Hotels and Motels

Let’s take a look at some of the more common differences between a bed and breakfast vs hotels and motels. Most travelers choose whether to stay in hotels, motels, or bed and breakfast on specific needs at the specific travel time and travel purpose. Those who desire “a home away from home” experience may seek out a B & B, while others may require the corporate amenities and convenient location provided by a hotel. Hotels can be located near major airports or highways for convenient commuting, while a bed and breakfast if often located near a tourists destination.

Hotels check in

Hotel Check in

Most hotels and motels are part of a larger chain, which can insure a certain level of consistency,but can also feel a bit sterile or corporate. Larger staffs are usually required to operate hotels and motels because of size. Employees must clean the rooms, wash the linens, operate the restaurants and banquet halls, and check guest in and out. And guest may have a difficult time getting to know the staff since they work on various shifts with not much of a personal touch. Most times the owner of a large hotel will be nowhere to be found and probably not even read the comment card you filled out. They have managers and other staff members to do that.


Hotel staff

A bed & breakfast on the other hand is usually owned and operated independently. Requiring very little staff if any, while offering a more intimate atmosphere. You will get to know the owners socially. They will personally listen to your comments and they will personally get extra blankets and pillows for you.

The food served in a traditional bed and breakfast is often prepared by the owners and is usually gourmet quality. Depending on a motel’s or hotel’s facilities, continental breakfast may be a selection of cereals, breads, pastries, and juices. The overall pace of a bed and breakfast inn is generally slower which can turn a quick bite into a more leisurely affair.

So which is better? Well only you can answer that based on your wants and needs at the time of your travel. All three have advantages. If you are just looking for a place to put your head and get through the night before moving on maybe a hotel or motel might be the answer. But if you want to “stop and smell the roses” maybe a bed and breakfast might fit the bill.

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