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A Closer Look at Ozark Country Inn

Ozark Country Inn

Just 16 years after Mountain View was founded in 1890, Ozark Country Inn was built (1906) by the Mabrey family in the heart of the Ozark Mountains, and of course added to and built upon over the years of it’s history. Originally Ozark Country Inn was a simple three room house until Dr. Maxie purchased the home in the 1920’s and added the kitchen, expanded the living room and added the upstairs complete with a wrap around porch. At this time the wrap around porch went all the way around Ozark Country Inn until it was converted into a bed and breakfast by George Ivy and his wife in 1987. Now the porch wraps around the Ozark Country Inn on two sides (the east and north sides of the building). A large dinning room was added on in 2003 with some additional living space for our quarters. Ozark Country Inn was completely redecorated and redone in 2012 with one guest room downstairs and five guest rooms upstairs. In 2019 another guest room was added on the first floor with two queen beds moving the owners living quarters to the house behind the inn.

Ozark Country Inn is quite spacious for a building of its era. We have hosted house concerts with more than 50 guests (although crowded) in our living area, and our dinning room can accommodate at least 16 guest comfortably sitting at the dinning tables. Three of the five upstairs rooms access the outside porch balcony. If you have other friends in town we welcome them to visit with you here at our home and always invite them to bring their instruments to jam. We may even join in if invited. You will find music is our life also as both Debbie and I play and sing on the square and here at home at Ozark Country Inn. We so much desire for you to feel at home while you stay with us. If you need anything or have any special request please ask and we will do our best to accommodate you.