Murder Mystery Weekend

murder mystery

Join us for a weekend of mystery, intrigue, delicious food, great entertainment, and fun! Enjoy a hilarious game and elegant gourmet dinners all in the comfort of our beautiful historic 1906 Newmurder mystery Orleans style Victorian home. Once a month we host a “Murder Mystery Weekend” during the winter months at Ozark Country Inn where our guests spending the weekend with us solving murders while untangling each others’ half-truths and high jinks.’ Each guest will play a key role within the murder mystery designed for participants who are willing to take a whimsical view of blackmail, larceny, deceit and of course murder.

Come and dress in costume and be prepared to laugh and have fun with your new or old friends. All B&B Murder Mystery packages include our enormous country breakfast as well as multi-course gourmet evening meals with hors d’oeuvres. We do schedule games in advance during the winter months and will play if we get at least 8 people interested.

3 Ways to Play:

  1. Join us for a scheduled game
  2. Be “Wait Listed” and join other interested guest for an open event. As soon as we have 8 people interested we will find a date suitable to all on the “Wait List” and schedule a game.
  3. Organize your own exclusive group event. Simply invite 8-14 of your friends or family members for a truly unique week end at Ozark Country Inn. We’ll help you coordinate your party by providing the invitations, list of characters, suggested costume ideas, dinner menus and deluxe B&B accommodations. We take care of all the preparations, cooking, cleaning, Murder Mystery Game, etc.-it’s that easy. We do all the work…you have all the fun!

murder mystery The games are designed to be played in rounds of investigation during meals starting with the late Friday meal and time between meals spent relaxing or shopping on the square while trying to get other valuable information out of the other participants. Forensic reports and general clues will come out sometimes as public information and at other times through your own private and secret investigation skills.

2019-2020 Scheduled Games:

November 6-7, 2020
November 20-21, 2020
December 11-12, 2020
February 12-13, 2021
March 5-6, 2021


  • Arrive Friday 2pm -5:00pm

Your cozy room awaits you as you get ready for the start of the Murder Mystery weekend.

  • Let the Games Begin! 7:00pm – 9:00pm Dinner and Details

It is time to enjoy the first of two gourmet multi-course dinners and officially meet the other murder mystery participants in our dining room. This dinner will be informal so dress as you would believe your character would dress. During the course of the meal we will the time to introduce ourselves, explain how the mystery works, practice a bit and introduce the start of the mystery.character

  • Saturday Breakfast 9:00am – 10am

An enormous country style breakfast will be waiting for you as you gather more facts about the case.

  • Saturday 10am -4pm Free time to explore Mountain View

Once breakfast is over enjoy some free time to relax or explore Mountain View. But don’t forget to keep your antennas tuned-in. You never know what you may find out by talking with the other participants.

  • Saturday 5:00pm The Murder Mystery Shifts to High Gear

Plan to return by 4:00pm since it will be time to dress up in costume for a fun night at Ozark Country Inn and a murder you’ll never forget.

murder mystery

We start at 5 pm over horderves with another multi course dinner served at 6:30pm. This will be semi-formal ball attire as you think your character would dress for the occasion. My wife told me formal means the men usually wear a tuxedo and semi-formal they don’t. Who knows? But this is the time to dress up. During this time the mystery will be in full swing.

The murder mystery  is played in rounds. You will receive an envelope to start each round that contains information needed for you to play the role of your character. The first rounds will be used to break the ice, build characters and establish motives for murder. Take time to get to know each character and focus  on the story that is building around you. The motives for murder will come clear during the following rounds climaxing with the murder. The post  murder segment is when the investigation commences. You will need to interrogate everybody, view the evidence and put pieces together to solve whodunit.

  • Saturday 9:00pm – 10pm Desert in the dining room

Desert will be served in the dining room where maybe a last chance clue or two might be found. Each participant will have the opportunity to stand up and solve the case by presenting their facts and findings before the murderer is revealed.

  • Sunday Breakfast 9:00am – 10:30am

One more enormous country style breakfast is served. Awards will be given out for the super slueths, best dressed actor or actress and best actor or actress.

We will direct the game, spell out the rules and give helpful hints to keep the game flowing throughout the weekend. You won’t have to worry about anything except bringing a detective mindset and having a good time. Give us a call (800-379-8699) and we can tell you all about our “Bed and Breakfast Murder Mystery game”.

Rates for Murder Mystery Weekend: Prices will vary based on the specific room of your choice. Price for the entire weekend (two nights lodging of Fri and Sat night) includes:

  •  Your room for 2 nights
  • A role in the murder mystery
  • Two multi-course gourmet dinners on Friday and Saturday night
  • Saturday afternoon Hors d’oeuvres
  • Late Saturday night desert
  • Two enormous country style breakfasts
  • Gift awarded to person solving mystery
  • Best actor award
  • Best costume award

Rates are based on the room chosen for 2 nights for 2 people not including taxes. Single occupancy available upon request.

Room 1: The  Victoria……………………………….$460.00

Room 2: Purple Rain…………………………………$460.00

Room 3: Sunny Days…………………………………$438.00

Room 4: Gentle Breeze………………………………$438.00

Room 5: Rosie’s Retreat……………………………..$422.00

Room 6: Pink Moments………………………………$530.00

                Room 7: Sweet dreams……………………………….$550.00

The Murder Mystery Weekend package makes a great Christmas or Valentine gift. Deposit required at time of booking and your participation is vital to the mystery. Cancellations would seriously affect everyone involved since each participant plays a key role and therefore no refunds of deposit. In the event of a major winter storm, the weekend will be rescheduled to an alternate weekend.

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