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Music show listings: 
Cash’s White River Theater
The Cash’s White River Theater presents Michael Kelly – Voices that change every Friday and Saturday night.  Michael is a singer & vocal impressionist and he performs over 70 different characters.   Some examples are Dwight Yoakam, Johnny Cash, Elvis, Dean Martin, James Brown, Jim Croce, James Taylor, Jimmy Stewart, Lionel Richie, Walter Brennan, Kenny Rogers and many many more.  For more information call 870-214 2326 or visit Cash’s White River Theater.

Jimmy Driftwood Barn
The Jimmy Driftwood Barn offers an open mic format every Friday and Saturday night. The barn features folk, old-time, country, bluegrass and gospel. Bring along your guitar and they’ll make a spot for you to sing. For more musicinformation call 870-269-8042.

Folklore Society
The Mountain View Folklore Society offers dancing on Saturday nights and an open mic show on Friday nights. For more information call 870-269-2692.

Mellon’s Hole in the Wall Theater
Located inside Mellon’s Country Store a music and comedy show is presented Friday and Saturday nights from April till October. For more information call 870-269-3354.

Ozark Folk Center
The Ozark Folk Center is an Arkansas State Park and has been preserving and interpreting the Ozark music tradition since 1973. Programs feature music dating pre 1941 from a variety of performers with show Wednesdays through Saturdays from April 15 to the end of October. For more information visit the Ozark Folk Center.


2 comments on “Music Shows in Mountain View

  1. Cash White River Theatre has a very entertaining show with Michael Kelley. I would recommend this to all ages.

  2. I visited Cash White River Theatre two times and I thourghly enjoyed the show with Michael Kelley. Good clean fun and the price is reasonable.

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