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The first “Off the Beaten Path” Studio Tour was held on September 17 – 19, 2002. There were 15 studios onMountain View Arkansas the tour, all located within 30 miles of the Court Square in Mountain View.  Each year new artists have been added to the tour through a peer review process which considers the type and quality of work produced and the geographic location and accessibility of the artist’s studio.  This year there are 24 artists participating and the tour is free of charge to the public funded by artists’ fees, the sponsorship of local businesses, and lots of volunteer labor.  

To start things off, a reception will be held on September 13th from 7 to 9 pm hosted by the Citizens Bank in Mountain View.  Then you may drive at your own pace with the aid of a map and visit the artist at their studios.  An open studio tour such as this provides visitors a unique opportunity to connect with local artists and craftsmen in their working environments. It allows the visitor to see not only what the artists make but to see how their lives and working spaces reflect and influence their work.

Mountain View ArkansasThe “Off the Beaten Path” Studio Tour showcases the creative artists in and around Mountain View and provides an opportunity for visitors to purchase work directly from these artists. When you choose to buy a handmade product, you are not only buying a unique piece of art but you are supporting Arkansas artists who make their living creating unique traditional and contemporary crafts with their own hands in their own studios in the beautiful Ozark mountains. 

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