Murder Mystery Weekend


We have two murder mystery weekends planned for Feb 17-18 and March 17-18 2017.

Groovy cats and foxy mamas from miles around will flock to the disco for a chance to compete with the in crowd of famous celebs, musicians, entrepreneurs, and athletes. You are ready to boogie as imagesyou’ve practiced your groovy moves all year for this competition and are ready to show off your best moves to the judges while wearing far out disco threads.

There are rumors, however, that certain dance duos have been in turmoil and scandals are surfacing among some contestants. You hope this drama doesn’t interfere with your chance to shake your groove thing on the dance floor.

Come enjoy the fun while solving the murder. For more information click here.disco1

By ljadrich

Fall is Coming

ozark country inn

Fall is just around the corner in Mountain View, Arkansas at the Ozark Country Inn. warm days and cool nights have brought out some of the best musicians and jam sessions I’ve seen,

By ljadrich

Mountains Music and Motorcycles 2016

Mountains Music and Motorcycles this year had a weatherman’s prediction of 100% rain. But we know better than to believe the weatherman. Fri the sun came out and Sat; although it looked liked rain it didn’t, It was a very pleasant 80-85 degrees.

By ljadrich